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Guest comic #1 - by Jacob Gristwood
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 First guest comic! Yay!
I decided to upload it a little earlier this time, but don't get used to it :P
Credit goes to Jacob Gristwood for making this awesome strip, thanks pal!;)
Be sure to check out his webcomic, hOkum, at, it's really PUNny!(I stole that joke from Damian, while chatting with him thru facebook the other day :P)

Next Friday will be a guest comic too(given Damian finishes it, of course :P), so see you until then!


Butt Hunter Oh wow, whoever wrote this must be the coolest person on Earth or somthing... :P
Zephirot93 Nah, I would know if I had written it :P
Damian i'm working on it man, COMPLICATIONS HAVE ARISEN.

plus i haven't really done any of my own comics, which i should be doing.
DreamSanguine LOL I knew furniture weren't supposed to be trusted!
Magravan Bwahahaha! Well done ;D

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