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Hero Of The Day
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Author Notes

I am in no way a racist guy, I just had to fill it up with something .___.

I have seen many of those "alternate ending" strips, which always result in a really stupid alternate endings, and I just had to make one. :P
It's practically Friday, so I've uploaded already, given I won't be here tomorrow.

I've began to like Pyro a little more, I've also been playing more as him in Team Fortress 2 (I play it everyday), but that won't beat the hundreds of hours spent as Engineer :P Sorry Pyro.

Well, that's all for now, see you guys on Tuesday!

P.S. If anyone for any chance enters the site and is not able to see the comics or just notices weird thing going on like extremely large font letters and stuff like that, don't worry, it's just that I've been experimenting a little more with HTML.


Damian the engineers face in panel10 cracks me up.
Butt Hunter I laughed like Hell at this. Incredibly racist Soldier caught me off guard there...
Guest xD racist soldier and british turrets, genius once again ='D
Jnvn Hahah! I love Heavy's face!

And the alternate ending cracked me up. Excellent!

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