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Unfinished Rivalries (Quick Filler)
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 This is a quick filler comic, and the first non-story.
It's exams week for me, so I've been really busy, sorry fot the crappy image quality of this one.
I will get back to the story hopefuly on the next strip, I've got some ideas for it :P

Never thought if the Engineer and Bob the Builder had met before?
Maybe they went to school together.


LOLWUT HAHAHAHAHA BOB EL CONSTRUCTOR nunca hubiera imaginado que hubiera una rivalidad entre ellos.
Butter King Fuck Yeah, I knew it!
Blatz_ztalB Brilliant!
Shinchan56798 I KNEW IT!1!
Shoprocks Oh my God, I just lost it. Frickin' hilarious.

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