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Backtrack and Beyond
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 Whoo, first time using CF's automatic future upload thingy, hope I don't screw up(:

I've been eager to release this strip, as it reveals a crucial character in this Engineer's backstory and motifs for accepting "the job": her daughter.
Looks like we're building suspense already! I hope the plot isn't too predictable from this point on, seeing as how I'm focusing more on my writing this time(:

In other news, there is a really slight bug in the archive page, I'll fix it soon. Also, I'm working on a fancy Javascript dropdown menu, which will let me have a lot more links in less space.

Well, hope you guys enjoyed this week's strip, see you next Friday!


SuperPie Heeyy! If it isn't my favourite Mexican and my favourite comic!
Great to see you back!
Magravan Her daughter? Something we should know? :P

Also, isn't it magnum opus?
Zephirot93 @Superpie: How many cool mexicans do you know? ;D And yeah, feels great to be back :D

@Magravan: Oh, you're right! Cold is messing around with my brain >_< Thanks for pointing it out :D
kromblite Great comic! I'm subbing... oh wait, I don't know how. Is there a hidden subscribe button on this site?
Zephirot93 Yeah, I know, small design flaw, currently working on a cool Javascript menu. Meanwhile, you can subscribe by clicking here

EDIT: Finally fixed.
Shoprocks Aww! /owo\

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