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Guest Comic by Lich_Barrister
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 After a non-publicly-exposed hiatus, we're finally back!

We'll open up witn a guest comic week, so I can get abck on track without being overly rushed.

Now, thanks to Lich_Barrister for this strip! It has no punchline, but rather a suspenseful and dramatic atmosphere accentuated by the Sniper's narration.

Now you guys should go and check Lich's Lego Theater comic. I've always been fond of this kind of photographic comics, and it's Lego characters just bring nostalgia to me from when I was a little kid.

Thanks again, Lich!


Kalegiro Siempre me ha gustado mucho más el francotirador que cualquier otra arma hahaha.

Oye entonces el shout!box sigue muerto?
Blatz_ztalB Hahahaha what a bitter sniper...awesome :p whoa!!!! this is soo cool!!! how did u get the 3-d effects & pictures? u said this wuz based on a game. i havent played the game but it looks fun...
Zephirot93 It's an awesome game :P If you're wondering how it's done, take a look at the footer.
Onecanofsprite Needs moar updates.

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