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Action! Pt. 3
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 I almost missed this update too...

I know my last blog post said I had finished school, but oh well, actually only exams week was left, which I though would be like vacations...


But now, Tuesday is the real alst day, so I'll be myself agains then :P For now, try to enjoy another awesomely short Bonk! strip :P


Steve the Mew hunter why do you only post once on my comic dude, and yours is awesome
SuperPie Silly Demoman.
Steve the Mew hunter your avatar, is epic
Zephirot93 I didn't even know you had a comic. I thought you were just a mean soul-stealer that flew around the forums wrecking havoc and threatening lives (which is my duty, BTW) :P

But I'm even subscribed now!
Now... when he says "eat my bullets"...
does he really expect his opponents to
eat the frikking stuff? xD
Zephirot93 He is a damn Heavy, so I'm sure he does :P
Butt Hunter He's so Heavy, it hasn't occured to him that you can't eat some stuff.
Blatz_ztalB Wahaha (^^) I know ppl like that.

Methinks you should scale down your comics a wee bit, takes me forever to load. But then again I have a shitty connection haha.
Zephirot93 I'm aware of that, even the site takes a while to load >_< I've been planning on using compressed comic images but I haven't found a good service without a great deal of quality loss...
Blatz_ztalB Oh I see! Hmm do those image editors work? Like photoshop etc?

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