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Action! Pt. 2
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 Boom! Bang! Action! Yay, I've been drowning in tons of final school projects so you guys should be glad you're getting something :P Also, I might extend the "Action" thing to a few more parts, because I just don't know how to end it :P

See ya on Friday. MAYBE. Ok, I can't lie, there's a REALLY big chance of not being able to do anything for Friday, because of the above condition. Sorry. I'll try, though. Maybe a guest comic? :3


Butt Hunter "What cell is he in again?"
"Oh, right, we'll have to find out then..."

Zephirot93 Ha! You saw right through it. A cookie is on its way to your mailbox :P
Blatz_ztalB Wahaha damn didn't notice that :p no cookie for me (TT)
Steve the Mew hunter the perfect ending, pyro comes in, and burns through the walls in a compleatly fixable way and saves the day again, now the question is, blue, or, red, (smiles evily) the answer, both.

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