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Minor Complicationz
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 Before you guys complain, in Mexico it is still Tuesday, so I AM on schedule :P Sorry for not uploading it earlier, there were also come "minor complications" in here :P Anyways, Demoman is back, Scout is back, the RED team is a happy family again. Oh, yeah, and Spy is being held captive. Great. In other things, I'm WORKING ON A NEW LAYOUT! Yeah, this time it's a more professional one, now it'll finally start looking like a real webcomic site (and I got really tired of the current one). So, expect that little change in about a week and HOW THE HELL DOES THE ENGINEER SUMMON BALCKBOARDS? I'll ask him sometime. Until Friday!


Zephirot93 Hey I know it may not be the best strip or joke ever but I kinda had to do it in a hurry.
Kalegiro Gotta love the black humor ^^
Sarge I love the new layout. I've been meaning to change mine up as well. Occaisionally even Firefox will move some of the stuff around (making the Comic title, page, rating comments, etc. down below the Menu and Announcements). However, it is still good work :D

as for the joke, I can't believe Demoman didn't see that coming... get it? cause... he... has an... eyepatch... damn I'm lame.

EDIT: here's a SS of it. I'm sure it's the same problem you're having with IE. (the one you mentioned in your announcements). Like I said, it only occasionally happens with Firefox.
Zephirot93 Hmm I can see you like alessana :P Hmm I think it's one of the resolution problems I've having some issues with. Lower resolutions move things around, but I don't think that's your case, I'm still trying to fix it.
Blatz_ztalB No ways, this is still a good one! :D
Shoprocks Poor asymmetrical Demoman.

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