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Mon Dieu...
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 I don't have a lot of time, I have some stupid work I gotta do and I don´t wanna end up as always starting it at 3 a.m. >_< Finally got back on track, views rate stabilized again, and the plot continues. So this time we went back with RED Spy, who infiltrated in the enemy lines back on Strip 2, we realized BLU Scout wasn´t really as stupid as his RED counterpart, and once again we see depicted Blu Spy's unexpected and kinda disturbing philia. Charming.


Sarge That is one disturbing rapeface
anyway, good work :D
Zephirot93 Don't even mention it, I've had nightmares for two days starring that face :P
Zephirot93 By the way, yesterday Bonk! had a sudden increase in views, I guess it's thanks to some Deaviantart posts I made yesterday, so if there are Deviantart people reading this, thanks!
_L1pE_BR I really ROFLMFAO'd at that spy's rape face xD
Blatz_ztalB Perfect expression haha
Shinchan56798 Don't mess with the blue spy or he will rape you >:3

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