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A Day Without Heavies
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 Bonk! is back! Finally :P I've having some real bad issues with Photoscape, it just won't open so it was a pain making this comic because I had to download Photoscape on my desktop computer which takes ages to startup and then email me the images cause it doesnt have Gmod and bla bla. Anyways, I like a lot how this one turned out, overall the quality looks more professional :P Yay, I'm improving in the physic aspect at least :P Well I havent got much time so that's all for now, see ya. EDIT:The image is kinda smaller than what I thought, due my Photoscaping problems, having to host it on tinypic and dwonload it from another computer and such >_< I will fix it tomorrow.


Onecanofsprite Nice work, nice to finally see bonk back in action.
Zephirot93 Ok the strip is now normal size. I forgot to explain a little about it. Basically, it's just about when you're a medic and you're surrounded by stupid teammates that just won't let you heal them. I've had Soldiers do that to me and still say something like "Follow me!". Yep, truly Heavies are the best Medic buddies.

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