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Guest Strip #5 by Superpie
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 Last guest strip of the week! (I promise) And sorry for the late upload, it's like 2 a.m. and I've just arrived from playing with my band in some sweet sixteen or sumthin like that, so, yeah. Anyways, this ends up this improvised guest comic week, and I PROMISE a Bonk! strip next Tuesday. Also, if you don't read the blog, (which i'm sure of), let me tell you I'm working on a special surprise for all of you :P It'll be ready soon, so in the meantime enjoy some more comcis. Oh, and is being gay and doesn't let me download any more things because I don't have a damn legal copy of Gmod... yeah,yeah, I know, but I'm planning on buying it, so SHAT AP.
Ok, and about the comic, thanks to Superpie, co-author of Zack and Spike for providing us with this piece of artwork :P
I'm really tired so this is all for now... and yeah, only so that you know, I'm planning some things for this comic, to make ir better and raise the views.
AAAAAAAAAAAnd I almost forget, I might look for a co-author to help with plots and jokes and stuff, so if you're interested, contact me. Bye


Damian you have to register now to DL from wtf?
Zephirot93 @Damian Yeah, they did it so they would stop people like me from downloading their crap xD
DerrickMichael5 I HATE the way the sniper hisses medic
I don't even call for one when I'm him

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