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Guest Art by Sarge
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 God, you've got no idea how hard it was for me to upload something... it's not like I'm I'm the middle of the desert of anything, but It was still hard. And yeah, it would also be impossible to make a comic, so instead here you have some guest art by Sarge, author of Fade To Black. Thanks for the help, man!

This is a joke only loyal Bonk! readers will get :P (Bonkies, as now I call them), but if you'd like to laugh, then check out This Issue, so you get an idea of what the Spy is talking about :P

See you Tuesday!(I hope to be back by that day)


Sarge I'm glad you like it!!
I like how it turned out.
and isn't that also the strip you keep referring to when no-one knows why Scout's in a floating bathtub lol
Zephirot93 Yes it is xD a lot of things have come out from that strip :P That and the Bob the Builder one

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