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Ol' Pals Revisited
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 Kinda late upload. At least haven't missed a day until now. Oh yeah, Scout's back. By the way, better check out the Blog.

I feel the urge to tell you that if you stil got no clue on why the Scout is on a damn hotub suspended y balloons, you should check out This strip.


Nocta Oh man, this one is excellent ! How do you get all thoses ideas ? Hahaha.
Butt Hunter And that, my friends, is the style of O'l Boston.
Lich_Barrister Ideas, nothing - when did they add a bathtub to the game? (Nah, I haven't played since December. I really should again soon...)

Nice comic. I remember doing a tester once with screen caps - how did you get these images done? A group online, or are there programmable 'bots available?
Zephirot93 Garry's Mod. It is another "game" developed by Valve. It is not actually what could be called a "game", but more of an editor. You can use the content of whatever Valve games you have installed on your computer. Basically, you choose any world or map of the game you want, and you go around spawning ragdolls of the different chaacters. You can move and adjust their limbs to create a position, and then freeze them. Then you just use the in-game screen cap tool. With some practice you become able to achieve realistic poses. Also, the bathub is not part of the TF2 content; Gmod comes with some packs of props for you to use, and the bathub was in there. Just search in Youtube for "Garry's Mod" and your world will be enlightened :P Wow, longest comment I've written...
Lich_Barrister Thanks! I noticed the note about Garry's Mod at the bottom later on, and shall take a look.

Then, to try and find some spare time...

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